TweetNaCl.js is a port of TweetNaCl / NaCl to JavaScript. It implements secret-key authenticated encryption, public-key authenticated encryption, hashing, and public-key signatures. High-level crypto library in only 7 KB (minified and gzipped)!

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Secretbox: secret-key authenticated encryption

Encrypt and decrypt messages with a secret key.

Based on XSalsa20 stream cipher and Poly1305 one-time authenticator.

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Box: public-key authenticated Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt messages between sender and receiver using elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

Based on Curve25519-XSalsa20-Poly1305.

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Public-key signatures

Sign messages with a secret key, and verify signatures.

Public keys are only 32 bytes, signatures are 64 bytes long.

Implements Ed25519.

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Hash messages with SHA-512.

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npm install tweetnacl

bower install tweetnacl

or download source